USP Labs

USP Labs are known in hardcore fitness circles for their uncompromising attitude and all-consuming drive to deliver the most effective supplements the world has to offer.
But let’s make one thing clear.

These supplements are for the big boys. The ones that grunt and sweat through heavier and heavier poundages, night after night, like there’s no tomorrow. The ones that are in a crowded gym but are completely alone, jacked up, plugged into whatever music pleases them. The ones you’re afraid to ask if they’re done on the bench.

USPLabs manufacture the supplements that make this happen, but through these they promote a full-throttle lifestyle that has nothing to do with the restricted, pedestrian routine that modern fitness has become. They want you to go all in, right now. Every time. This is the attitude that USP forces you to adopt. While it may not always be cosy or cuddly, you will raise the bar each and every time you step under the spotlights.
Their Jack3d Micro is the perfect example.

Everyone has those days where they’re just not feeling it, where they’d rather just pull the quilt up over their head than do battle with the weights again. But with USPLabs in your corner you can forget all about that. You’ll be banging down the gym door.

With the right combination of unique technology and proven ingredients, Jack3d Micro lasers in on your CNS and prepares it for war. For those who don’t know your CNS is the key to the whole game. Activating motor units is the be all and end all of explosive power, synchronisation and strength accumulation. So what USPLabs have done is go straight to the heart of the game and change it from the inside. Success is an inner-battle, and it shows out here.
Always remember that USPLabs were the ones that started the whole ‘Ultra-concentrated’ craze. They raised the bar before anyone else even realised there was one. You’ll find that label on almost any rubbish now, but that doesn’t mean USPLabs don’t still bring it for real. They most certainly do.

You’re here because you’ve always wanted to be hardcore. Because normal is a state of mind you can’t stand.
Well, with USPLabs, here’s your chance to be extraordinary.

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