The Right Sporting Supplements for Cyclists

With the Tour de France hitting the headlines at the moment, it’s a good time to look at exactly what the best sporting supplements are for the dedicated cyclist. With such a dizzying range of sports supplements on the market, it can be very confusing for cyclists seeking to enhance their performance and to get the most out of their time behind the handlebars.

When considering a programme of cycling training, you need to look at the supplements that will boost performance during training and also improve recovery times between training sessions. The faster the recovery – the better the performance.

General health supplements are also a good idea since they make training easier and help cyclists build up both speed and stamina.

Carbohydrate and protein recovery drinks are a great starting point for cyclists, since they are a very simple combo of simple sugars and whey protein, which have great advantages with regard to building muscle and increasing endurance. The whey protein alone is excellent for this, and the carbohydrate helps replace energy flared off during training sessions. When it comes to recovery, the whey protein also helps restock lost energy stores, while the fluid in the drinks will help with rehydration.

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