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Finding the right Walking Nutrition Supplements for hill walking or mountain climbing …

Are you a person who likes to have an adventure amongst the great mountains the Britain has to offer?  Are you a regular visitor to the Lakeland Fells, Snowdonia Mountains or the Scottish Munroe’s either for a spot of walking or the more adventurous way to the top climbing? Climbers often say there is nothing like being vertical on a rock face.

Well if this description sounds just like you let’s take a look at the supplementation you will need for these long adventurous days out to keep your body fuelled and ready for action. First of overall supplements are great to enhance your performance in terms of priming the body prior to physical activity and also during intense exercise.

So why would I take a certain supplement prior to going out on a walk or for a climb? Looking at pre exercise supplementation there are many benefits to using them lets dissect the main benefits:

Enhanced nitric oxide production increases blood flow your cardiovascular system is going to function more efficiently as your heart and lungs will be able to oxidize oxygen efficiently and shuttle oxygen to the working muscles faster. Enhanced nitric oxide production increases performance and for endurance based sport like walking and climbing is going to give the person a real advantage as they will be able to go for harder for longer.

Increased blood flow to working muscles allows for maximum nutrient uptake providing much needed energy another benefit to this is that better nutrient uptake will definitely promote better recovery as less damage will be done to muscle tissues. Faster blood flow to the working muscles is going to be less taxing on your body this will for sure decrease energy expenditure and your energy will be sustained for longer.  All of these benefits to pre exercise supplementation is irrefutably will increase your bodies endurance.

So why would I take a certain supplement during a walk or when climbing? Looking at during exercise supplementation there are many benefits to using them lets dissect the main benefits:

Scientific research has continually progressed in terms of intra/during exercise supplementation research suggests that endurance may increase with taking carbohydrates during physical activities such as hill walking and climbing. Any form of exercise that is endurance based i.e. 60 minutes plus your glycogen stores will begin to diminish your body will then use blood glucose as the main source of energy to fuel your body.

Intaking carbohydrate supplements during exercise has shown to have a blunting effect of factors such as fatigue which means you will be able to maintain and perform your activity for longer durations of time I would recommend that upwards of 50 grams of carbohydrate from a liquid source every few hours is suffice to maintain peak performance on mountain days .

Carb powders and dextrose are supplements we would highly recommend.

So why would I take a certain supplement after a great day out on the mountains? Looking at post after exercise supplementation there are many benefits to using them lets dissect the main benefits:

The main macronutrient that is responsible for growth and repair protein. Why? Protein is the building blocks to every tissue and organism within out body i.e. muscle fibres, skin and hair. After a long mountain day to speed up the recovery process a protein powder supplement will do just this because protein powders contain amino acids that will get to work to recover the damage aka micro tares done to muscle fibres. The amino acids are rapidly digested and will prevent any further breakdown of muscle fibres because amino acids are very anti catabolic to the body. Protein powders may dampen the delayed onset muscle soreness the day after an awesome day on the peaks.


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