What Supplements Do MMA Fighters Take?


With Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) undoubtedly topping the league when it comes to the need for strength, endurance and physical excellence, it’s no surprise that the discipline requires the very best sports and bodybuilding supplements – both for performance enhancement and recovery after the workout or bout is over. Here’s a guide to the six most essential supplements for the inventory of any MMA athlete:

Whey Protein: A dietary staple of bodybuilders and athletes alike, this is a fantastic all-purpose sports supplement, perfect when it comes to building and maintaining muscle mass as well as helping with recovery. For MMA fighters, the form known as why protein isolate is the best because it requires less intake for the same benefits, meaning less calories are consumed – keeping them lean and mean.

Recovery Formula. We have already mentioned the importance of post-workout recovery – replacing the nutrients, carbs and protein burned up in the gym or the ring as quickly as possible. As a rule, around 20g of protein should be taken in as a recovery measure, with three times this amount of carbs, plus associated nutrients and amino acids. Many recovery formulas provide “the complete package”, giving the user other vital MMA supplements such as creatine and glutamine.

Creatine. This compound lies at the heart of an effective workout, helping provide the athlete with the sort of intense energy bursts required when pushing your muscles to the limit. Formed from three naturally occuring amino acids in the liver, creatine gives the power for fast energy bursts typically found in kicks, punches and weight grabs. Use this to train harder and faster, and to make recovery easier in the aftermath.

BCAAs: Otherwise known as Branched Chain Amino Acids, these are ideal for MMA fighters seeking to make weight categories or keep their weight stable, because they are able to maintain lean muscle tissue without the extra calories associated with protein supplements. Alternating with protein powders is a good way to go for most people, with the average dosage approximating 20g a day divided into four servings. Serve as a smoothie or just down it with some water.

Beta Alanine. During intense workouts, muscle fatigue occurs when hydrogen ions build up in the system causing a sharp drop in pH. This can be combated, however, by buffer-based supplements, the best of which is Beta Alanine, which unlike others has its effects directly in the muscle cells, rather than the body at large.

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